Top 5 Favorite Female Characters

I hate putting things into definite lists…but here I am, here are my 5 favorite female characters…let me tell you that I had a difficult time putting this together.  To be honest, I don’t watch that nearly as much anime as some people do so my choices are limited by the shows I’ve watched.

I was thinking of characters that I liked and I produced a list…and I realized that an overwhelming amount of them were, well tsundere.  I have to say, this might be a preference thing, but as far as I am concerned, coincidence.  I found my preferences to be stronger female characters who other people tend to find…annoying.  It’s just my personal opinion but the meek and reserved girl tends to be a little overused in the anime world.

shakugan no shana

Without further ado, here are my top 5…

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