Stop with the long exposition scenes

Here’s a trend in anime – the useless exposition scenes.  Yeah we all know these scenes all too well.  Whether it be a senpai explaining the whole caste system to their underclassmen, or the enemy suddenly stopping in the middle of a heated battle to explain each and every one of their motives–including their childhood sob story about how they were abandoned on the streets.

But are these really necessary?

kekkaisensenAs I was watching Kekkai Sensen, there was one reason why people dropped this show.  Here it is: the show doesn’t explain anything, I don’t know what’s going on, it’s too fast paced.  Kekkai Sensen doesn’t stop to explain every little detail of the world.  Sure there are fragments of explanation, those screens of flashing green text that “explain” things.  But, really, do you need to know every little detail about the world to get interested in the show?  No.  Kekkai Sensen utilizes interesting characters and their interactions to get you interested in the show.  Not an overly complex world system.  People are complaining about how complicated Kekkai Sensen’s world is.  It isn’t.

Within watching a couple of shows from this season, I was absolutely bored by the amount of explaining and exposition done in the first episode.  This isn’t what the first episode is.  I don’t need AP-class level knowledge on your world.  I want to be interested by the show.  I want to wonder whats going on.  Instead, I’m slammed in the face with an essay long explanation on how their world works.  It takes all the mystery out.


One of the reasons Angel Beats was engaging is that it doesn’t tell you everything at the beginning.  Throughout the show, you follow the characters and discover new things about the world at the same time they do.  Same with Shingeki no Kyojin.  You watch the show, with the same curiosity that they do.  It’s another way to tie you to the characters, story, and world.

Besides, I don’t need 24 minutes of a character blabbing on about how you must obey the rules that they’ve set out only for the main character to be like – I’M  BOSS AND I’VE ALREADY REACHED THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF WHATEVER POWER LEVELS THEY ARE within the first 2 episodes.

In the end, we loose the curiosity of wanting to know how the world works, but not quite knowing at the same time.  I’m bored instantly by the first episode, and let’s face it, even after you’ve explained it on I still have no idea what’s going on.

even after you spent 24 minutes explaining what was going on I still dunno

even after you spent 24 minutes explaining the world, I still don’t know anything

That was me…ranting about my probably unpopular opinion.


I don’t cry watching anime anymore

Call me cold and heartless, whatever you wish, but I didn’t cry while watching Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso.  Nor did I cry during Angel Beats.  Or Plastic Memories…

angelbeatsI used to cry while watching anime…at least I think so.  All these anime that people deem that “stab your feels” (whatever that is supposed to mean.  Why do people say this?  It doesn’t make much sense…but that’s another case), I just didn’t cry in.

What makes you cry in an anime?  I think it’s your attachment to characters.  As I’m watching anime, my attachment towards characters are growing smaller and smaller.  In all these anime, I have reasons for not crying while watching them.  I won’t disclose those reasons here as they will definitely spoil them.  But in any case, in all of these I just didn’t feel attached to these characters, or feel that two characters were connected well.  I’m just not emotionally invested in anime anymore.

Or it might be related to my growing disliking towards anime.  As I’m watching anime, I’m dropping shows faster…well I’m not picking up most of them to begin with.  They aren’t interesting to me anymore.  It sometimes feels like a chore to watch them.  So, I’m just not picking them up anymore.  And as this is happening, I’m separating anime and the things that occur in them further from reality.


If you know me, I’m someone who cries pretty easily.  Not something I’m proud of, but it’s who I am.  I can’t say I’ve never cried during an anime before.  Isshuukan Friends, Sakurasou.  But those I watched a while ago, when I was more attached to watching anime than I am now.

I no longer get the “feels trip” that everyone claims they didn’t “pack their bags for.”  (guys, yes, this episode was emotional, but that joke is old and overused).  I still love and get attached to characters, I just don’t cry when sad things happen.

Yeah, I guess this is also me admitting that I really don’t like anime as much as I used to and it’s not as fun anymore.  Perhaps it is because of the popular genres of today (which include moe girls and idol groups which bore me to death), or the over used story-telling styles that aren’t interesting to me anymore.


Author’s Note: Sorry for the overload of Sakurasou pictures…they’re so pretty 🙂  Thank you so much for reading, sorry if this post is kind of bad…I’m not that great at writing.