Charlotte – a copy of Angel Beats?

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I don’t like the word “hype” much, as it is really overused and doesn’t really describe anything, but Charlotte, is indeed one of the most hyped anime of Summer 2015.  But does the hype really have any backing?  Here I’ll try to justify whether or not Charlotte lived up to the hype.

charlotteCharlotte is set in world where certain teenagers for an unknown reason gain special abilities.  Our main character – Otosaka Yuu has the ability to possess someone…but only for 5 seconds.  He uses his ability to cheat his way into one of the most prestigious high schools.  However he soon is caught by a girl named Tomori Nao.  He realizes that he is not the only one with a special ability.

When I first began watching Charlotte, I have to admit I was not impressed.  Charlotte is another Key/PA Works collaboration… as well as Jun Maeda holding the pencil again.  The director and sound director are also the same from Angel Beats.  I watched, and I guess what I got? Angel Beats.  As I wrote in my first impressions post, I hated this.  People loved it for this because they all loved Angel Beats (as do I) and wanted more of Angel Beats.  But I don’t want a carbon copy of Angel Beats.  The story telling was completely the same.  I wanted something different, something that I could differentiate from Angel Beats.  I wanted something new that could stand on its own and not be a copy of something else.

This review will contain spoilers…you’ve been warned.  Click here to watch Charlotte.

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Tamako Market – K-On…but better?


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Spoiler free review!

Tamako Market is a very classic Kyoto Animation anime.  It’s about well…cute girls doing cute things.

Okay, Tamako Market is a slice of life anime about a girl named Tamako who’s family runs a mochi shop in a shopping center…it’s a simple premise.  She meets a talking bird named Dera who comes from a distant island looking for his Prince’s future wife.  And as any slice-of-life anime goes, adventure ensues.

Like K-On and KyoAni’s other cute-girls-doing-cute-things animes, it has a soft and sweet tone to it.  However, Tamako Market has a quirky feel to it that just isn’t present in K-On.  Maybe it’s Dera the (quite frankly annoying) talking bird, or the cast of characters that make up the marketplace.

It really is important to remember while watching Tamako Market, you aren’t necessarily watching it to be intrigued by a fascinating world or complex plot…it’s simply to relax and have fun.  And Tamako Market does that.


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Anime vs. Manga – the Showdown (Noragami Review)

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After picking up the manga on a whim, I decided to also give the anime a shot, after all wouldn’t you love to see a good manga come into motion?  But the anime doesn’t always do the manga justice.  How about Noragami?

noragamiNoragami tells the story of a god, Yato, who is so insignificant that he doesn’t even have a shrine.  Instead, he goes around, completing requests for 5-yen offerings.  He crosses paths with Iki Hiyori, who tries to save him from a bus, but nearly gets killed herself.  From then on, her soul is able to be separated from her body.  Yato finds himself a shinki (a divine weapon), Yukine, and the three of them battle ayakashi (phantoms), revealing Yato’s dark past.

That wasn’t the greatest synopsis ever.  For more information and a more proper summary, head over to MyAnimeList.  The anime, which is produced by Bones (notable works: FMA, Ouran) is 12 episodes long aired during the winter 2014 season.

I personally found this anime rather enjoyable to watch.  It has a good world premise, great art, and incredible music.  But in comparison to the manga, the anime really does fall short.  Noragami suffers from the fact that it’s only 12 episodes long.  It leaves the pacing rushed and awkward.  Sometimes, it feels like the creators are scrambling to pull the story together.  However, the show does pull through to make it enjoyable to watch.

Now if you haven’t seen Noragami, do not let any thing that I’ve said so far scare you from watching it.  It is a fun anime to watch, definitely give it a shot…Personally, my suggestion would be to read the manga first, and see if you like it from there.  And if you do like it enough to pick up the anime, do so 🙂

The review from here on out will have spoilers.

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My Melancholy of Watching Haruhi Suzumiya

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After hearing about this show, its “haruhi-isms” and reading it’s synopsis, I decided to pick up Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)  It seemed like it had an interesting, unique plot.  And Haruhi seemed like an interesting main character.  I read somewhere about the broadcast order differing from the actual story order, which peaked my interest even more…something different from the boring norm?  Of course I’d want to see it.

haruhi3One of the worst things one could do going into an anime is having expectations.  And thats what I had.  Expectations.  I expected great characters, unique story, and a deeper plot than regular animes.  I didn’t quite catch that slice-of-life label this anime came with.  I also didn’t quite watch the anime in the order I intended to (I intended to watch in the broadcast order…ended up watching the first few in chronological order, went on to watch in broadcast order, accidentally watched two episodes from S2, finished up whatever was left of S1)

I understand the writer’s choice for making the anime the way it was, but I would’ve enjoyed it more if it wasn’t a slice-of life.  I just personally felt that the world and story didn’t suit this sort of story telling but that’s just really my opinion.

I don’t believe there are any spoilers…but I’d still watch the anime first. 

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