The Subtlety of Storytelling – Yamakawa Aiji

A while back I picked up the manga Stand Up! by Yamakawa Aiji.  I’m not one to particularly notice authors the first time I read a manga.  Unbenownst to the fact that Yajirobee (Balancing Toy) was also by her, a little later on, I picked it up.  I found myself rereading these two quite a few times and thoroughly enjoying them.

When I find myself truly enjoying a manga, I doScreen Shot 2015-09-26 at 5.52.49 PM take the time to do some searching on the manga artist, to find more manga to read.  As I reread these two, I was pleasantly surprised by the reasons why I enjoyed these two so much – they were such a refreshing breath of air within the cliched and overdramatic genre of shoujo.

Her storytelling is very vivid yet subtle.  There is always the underlying tone of chaos, which realistically depicts how life really works-that it won’t wait for you to understand; whether or not you want it to, it will move on.  The setting really depicts how the places are in real life, the classroom is always chattery and in moments when the character gets truly engrossed in the moment, the background fades out.  Her writing manages to encapsulate the way people feel, yet leaves the mystery of wondering what these feelings really mean.  She doesn’t rely on over-the-top drama to get you invested in the story just the characters, up front and honest.

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