Fall 2015 – Season Overview

To me, this season doesn’t have much of interest…for some reason, new animes are getting less and less interesting.  The art on to promote themselves aren’t very interesting either.  Most of them look the same to me.  An overload of colorful cute girls or nearly identical bishounens.

Let’s start off with one I’m sure to watch – Noragami Aragoto, the sequel to Noragami.  This season will cover the Bishamoten arc from the manga.  Which I find kind of frustrating because they set up for the Bishamoten arc within the first season, but never got to it as they only had 3 episodes left after the whole Yukine ordeal.

sorry Ebisu

sorry Ebisu

I’m also slightly interested by Heavy Object, which it’s original novel was written by the author who wrote the whole To Aru series (and used one of To Aru’s special announcements to promote Heavy Object T^T.  When is season 3?!).  Not sure how I’ll feel about this one, but we’ll see.

subeteSubete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider sounds rather interesting and a little more unique compared to the others.

I’m hoping to see what Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen has to offer, as it will be produced by White Fox, which have produced some pretty good anime in the past before.  The synopsis is rather vague and doesn’t give us much.

Shingeki no Kyojin is spending yet another season probably summarizing the whole anime again, as we are being plopped into a school setting this time around!  Yay…

We’re also getting a movie adaption of High Speed from Free!  I’m a little excited about this.  Free! was fun to watch and hopefully this movie will be as well.  It’s based off of the novel High Speed which I believe tell the story of the boys in middle school, which will fill in the gap.  Hopefully It’ll turn out well!

So far those are the only anime this season that peaks my interest.  I’m probably not going to watch most of them and watching something else random…as I do with most seasons.  In reality what I’m most excited about for this upcoming season is the finale for Kekkai Sensen, which I can’t stop talking about.

Sorry this post was so boring…what anime do you think I should watch this season?


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