Welcome to my blog

This may or may not be the most boring post you’ll ever read…but please bare with me.  Just so you know who I am – I’m Ivy a somewhat random and sarcastic person.  And I have decided that I needed a fresh start from my old blog.  I’m going to post some of my more favorable posts on here, to give this blog the little push it needs to start


I haven’t decided the “pronunciation” …if it even needs one.  Is it sushime like sushi and anime mashed together?  Or is it like sushi and me?… or is it like sushi and sashimi?  Well, all of them could work…and will work, whichever one sounds the best to you 🙂  And no, I won’t be talking about sushi on here…okay maybe I will.  I don’t know what caused me to choose this name, I just felt like it (I’m probably going to regret this decision within the next 24 hours).

As with my old blog, I’ll be talking about anime and manga and such…but this time with a little more structure, and hopefully some nice graphics and visual aesthetics.  I just wasn’t satisfied with my old blog anymore.  The more important thing was that my original account was linked onto there so all the people I was following was only linked to my horse blog…which wouldn’t have been very interesting to them.

How do I Review Anime?

I personally don’t believe in rating spectrums… you know the number out of 10.  That number doesn’t tell me anything.  An anime could’ve been really enjoyable but had poor execution, which would’ve still resulted in a high number.

Plus I have a real hard time giving a cold hard number to things.  Any of you out there who’s ben to the ophthalmologist’s office (which is a fancy word for eye-doctor) has been through that panic inducing experience where he or she asks “Okay, now tell me, which one is better: 4 or 5?  4…5?”

My writing, tends to be all over the place so I try to give some sort of structure to my reviews.  I tend to start my reviews with a paragraph or two on the general feel and how much I liked it for people who haven’t watched it yet…then I go suggest they watch it, because any more talking would give them too many expectations.  Then I delve in to the details of the plot, characters, and any other points of interest, which usually consists of spoilers

I didn’t do this on my old blog, but I’m going to try to recommend an anime or two at the end that I believe is similar.

I hope you enjoy my blog!  Without further ado,

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Rocco B says:

    Welcome to the world of aniblogging : D. Well I’m not sure which old blog you’re referring to, but a fresh new start can work out at times.


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